One of the most interesting things about this World Conference is that there is more commentary on legislation and conference itself available than ever, thanks to the increase in Community of Christ blogging.

The exciting thing about this is that it fosters more informed debate at conference, providing opportunities for delegates to hear more perspectives on conference legislation and to discuss them before conference.

Saints Herald (, are posting a series of articles on different pieces of legislation as well as providing a commentary on the Conference. The Saints Herald team (not affiliated with the Herald Magazine) put together some of the most interesting articles on current church affairs, so it’s well worth checking into.

Beware the Chicken has posted a couple of must read articles on the proposed changes to the by-laws of the church. He is critical of the proposed by-laws and their potential to consolidate more power in the hands of the First Presidency. At a time where we need to be empowering the members, Beware the Chicken’s points are well worth considering for anyone wanting to take their delegate responsibilities seriously.

As has been the case since for several conferences past, the Community of Christ Webboard ( has provided a forum for debate and discussion on conference legislation.

There are also a number of people reporting from the conference via twitter.

The degree to which twitter can be beneficial is somewhat debatable, but it at least provides a method of sharing views (even if they’re not explained).

If you know of any other articles, websites, etc that are improving the quality of discussion for World Conference, please leave a comment!